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a. any contract formed between merchants involved in e-commerce, regardless of whether the contract is formed online or offline. b. any contract formed electronically, such as over the Internet. c. an electronic contract formed between merchants only. d. an electronic contract formed between a merchant and a consumer. status: correct (1.0) correct: b your answer: b feedback: Correct. An e-contract is one that is formed electronically. Typically, the term is used to refer to contracts formed via the Internet. 2With respect to online offers, an important rule for a seller to keep in mind is that: a. buyers never read online offers. b. the offeror controls the offer and thus the resulting contract. c. the offeree controls the offer and thus the resulting contract. d. the full text of an offer should never be displayed online because this will limit the seller's ability to change the offer. status: correct (1.0) correct: b your answer: b feedback: Correct. The seller should make sure, when drafting the offer, to include the terms that he or she wants to be contained in the resulting contract. 3A forum-selection clause indicates: a. the location for the resolution of any dispute arising under the contract. b. the specific court in which arbitration proceedings will be held. c. which state or nation's laws will govern any dispute that arises under the contract. d. that a force majeure will excuse the parties from showing up at the dispute-resolution forum if
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