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1 Exploring Art and Visual Culture Dr. Lynn Beudert Professor of Art School of Art ART 134 [email protected] works from Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami's exhibition at his exhibition at the Chateau of Versailles, Paris (September 2010) Images from lecture 6 Reading for Today September 15 pp. 83-92 TEST ONE - Wednesday September 29 (in lecture) if you need testing accommodations, please check with the DRC STUDY GUIDE - will be on D2L by Friday September 17 The test will cover the readings for the lectures - the lectures take themes from the text, but we do not cover everything in the readings - you are still responsible for the readings. A n n o u n cements Artists in the videos from Lecture 6 Painting : Fiona Rae Fiona Rae invited us into her London studio where she was putting the finishing touches to works for a new exhibition. Her abstract canvases are an exuberant collision of painting styles: encrusted surfaces, brushy swathes and watery pools, along with kitsch cartoon elements, which somehow coalesce despite their differences. She talked about her enduring passion for paint. Electronic Art : Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Wavefunction is a kinetic sculpture comprised of fifty to one hundred Charles and Ray Eames molded chairs (designed in 1948) and placed in a regular array of rows, facing the entrance to the exhibition space. When someone approaches the work, a computerized surveillance system detects their presence and the closest chairs automatically begin to lift off the ground, creating the crest of a wave that then spreads over the whole room.
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