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I have been able to better understand and relate to other minority groups because of the education I received from this course. Information that has aided in this process includes learning how each race got their stereotypes, how to overcome them, and the origins of the different ethnicity's. I learned many of new things about my own heritage and culture. I learned that the first major migration of my culture (German) to the United States began during the persecution around World War I. I learned that my people went through high amounts of persecution during the World War time frame because of the Nazi regime. This has helped to shape the way our culture is today. In the year 2050, I expect to see a lot less segregation. In today's society, people have a tendency to choose to live around others of the same race or ethnicity. By 2050 this will disappear and there will be a wide variety of
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Unformatted text preview: cultures living among one another. I also believe that this will affect how American culture is seen. The traditions and beliefs of the races and ethnicity's among the United States will begin to mix and eventually create a new culture. There will no longer be education problems and employment issues based on race. It will all be based on skills and qualifications earned by the individual. Even in politics, different ethnicity's will be given opportunities to lead and strive to make the United States a better country. The greatest preparation that America can take would be to teach the children and generations there after how race and a difference in culture does not make a person and lower than another. Educating about equality and how differences should be admired and not discriminated against will keep future problems from occurring....
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