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BIO 325 Study Tips

BIO 325 Study Tips - after lecture A Immediately after...

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EL MARCO STUDY TIPS I. The following are things to do before you attend lecture. A. Download the lecture notes for the upcoming lecture from the class web site. B. Read the textbook assignment from beginning to end without making notes and without underlining anything. Pay special attention to what I have emphasized in the lecture notes you downloaded, especially the technical terms. C. By whatever method works best for you (index cards; hand-written notes on the lecture notes), go over the technical terms until you know and understand all of them. D. Read the assignment again straight through from beginning to end. II. The following are things you should do during lecture. A. Show up, listen to what I am saying, and pay attention to the things I put on the screen. B. Take as few notes as possible – just what you need for clarification. C. If you did not understand something from your reading and I did not clarify it during lecture, ask about it . III. The following are things you should do
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Unformatted text preview: after lecture. A. Immediately after lecture, or at least some time during that same day , review your lecture notes (including technical terms) to make sure that you understand everything. B. Explain what you have been studying to another person (I recommend that you become part of a study group and that you take turns “teaching” one another). C. As we move from one topic to the next, be sure to review all of the lecture notes and all of the technical terms that have come previously every time you review. D. Attend your discussion section class , participate in the discussion, and ask questions if you do not understand something. E. If there is something you still do not understand, come see me ! IV. The following are things you should do after you have worked hard and done your job. A. Reward yourself. B. Relax – Go out if you want. C. Have fun. D. Be careful. E. Get plenty of sleep. F. Get up the next morning and go to work like the rest of us poor slobs....
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