biochem rev 2 - D A and C only E All of the above Which of...

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What are the following steps in ORDER for determining the concentration of DNA? I) Use a UV spectrophotometer to shine light of wavelength 620 nm II) Determine concentration using Beer’s Law. III)Determine the length of the path of light IV)Obtain the extinction coefficient from a manual A) I, II, III, IV B) I, III, II, IV C) I, IV, II, III D) I, IV, III, II Scientists classify type I diabetes as an autoimmune disease. This classification is because: A) Body’s immune system attacks glucagon B) The immune system attacks enzymes that make insulin, so no insulin is produced C) Glucose cannot be converted to insulin because protein kinases manufactured by the immune system inhibit the conversion
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Unformatted text preview: D) A and C only E) All of the above Which of the following is a reducing sugar? A) α-D-Glucopyranose B) D-fructose in its chain conformation C) Open form of an aldohexose D) D-ribose as a furanose ring E) Hemoglobin The sugars D-glucose and D-galactose can be classified as: A) Epimers B) Anomers C) Enantiomers D) Ring-flip conformers Draw glucose in the ϐ conformation as pyranose ring: Fructose is compose of: A) One glucose and one fructose B) One galactose and one glucose C) One fructose and one cellulose Name one function of lectin: What is the difference between glycosylation and glycation?...
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biochem rev 2 - D A and C only E All of the above Which of...

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