Stool Pigeon2 - Review: Stool Pigeon in Coldtowne Theater...

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Review: “Stool Pigeon” in Coldtowne Theater “Stool Pigeon” is an improve comedy that revolves around a special guest telling a short story, and actors imitate parts of the guest’s story. The show occurs every Saturday evening at 8 P.M. at the Coldtowne Theater. This week, the special guest is an editor from who maintains his own blog about entertainment in Austin. Although many actors in the show possess good projection and a regular rhythm, the editor’s chest resonance and his low monotone voice makes the play less entertaining. The editor starts by describing his last trip shopping at the Home Depot. Then, he transitions to a trip to the restaurant that his family loved. Also, at the restaurant he meets a lady who is a paralegal. After that, the actors proceed to start at the restaurant with the show. Then the editor proceeds to describe how his brother and he went on a plane trip. His brother accidentally brought LSD into the plane’s cabin. The actors start the scene in an airplane where Drew gets high on LSD and robs all the peanuts from the flight attendant. Finally, during the middle of Drew’s feelings with LSD, Drew offers his friend sitting next to him some LSD. They then decide to jump out of the plane using the emergency exit to the right of their seats. The editor’s performance was not very exciting from the start of the play. He comments
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Stool Pigeon2 - Review: Stool Pigeon in Coldtowne Theater...

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