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The acetic acid was used as a solvent because the protons in acetic acid help slow the reaction so that I can see the reaction taking place. Phenol was the fastest to brominates because the oxygen on the hydroxyl is a very strong ring activator which is also ortho/para directing. During the formation of the ortho and para products, the phenol can have the oxygen’s lone pairs come and stabilize the benzene ring. Because it is a strong ring activator, it reacts the fastest in this reaction. My results were phenol, 4-bromophenol, anisole, acetanilide, and diphenyl ether in order of decreasing reactivity. 4-bromophenol was the next fastest to react because although bromine is a ring deactivating group the hydroxyl group was such a strong activating group such that 4-bromophenol reacted faster than anisole. I believe bromine’s lone pair contributes to resonance stabilization of the compound; thus the 4-bromophenol was more stable in resonance effect than anisole. So 4-bromophenol reacts faster than anisole. The methoxy group’s oxygen
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