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USSY 265 “Nature Writing” Spring 2009 Dr. Mark Bassett DISCUSSION STARTERS Complete this form before class whenever assigned in the Calendar. They will be collected at the end of the class meeting. (If you must miss a meeting, you may submit the form electronically, but only before class.) Student_____________________________ Meeting Date _______________________________________ Author_____________________________ Reading Selection_____________________________________ 1. In the space below, write a question that you would like to discuss with your classmates in relation to today’s reading selection. 2. Find a passage in the reading selection that you would like to discuss in class (no more than 100-150
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Unformatted text preview: words long). Cite the page number _____. Then copy the passage below (verbatim): 3. Write a brief commentary on the passage, explaining its significance to you and/or raising issues that it inspires you to contemplate. Perhaps you will choose such a passage because you find it either intellectually stimulating; effectively written; emotionally charged; ambiguous, metaphorical, or debatable; potentially useful in some way; or linkable to other readings, ideas, or experiences. 4. Record other notes to mention in todays class below or on back of this sheet....
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