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tennis - blue jeans and had a pair of sunglasses of which...

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I like to play tennis. I started playing tennis five months ago. My father suggested that playing a sport would help me change my personality. I was a quiet guy in class. Usually, when I meet someone, I don’t start the conversation. I keep my observation of others tucked inside me and also hesitated to reveal myself to that person. Whenever I wanted to speak “hi, how are you,” the other part of my inner conscience guards me against doing so, as if putting out an iron hand to stop me. To me, playing tennis enabled me to have a solid answer to the question “do you play any sports?” instead of the hesitant shrug and then stammering, “not really, I don’t play any sports.” Now, I answered that question with the words “Yeah, tennis” and then proceeding to ask the other person what sport he or she played. In fact, playing tennis connected me with my first friend in college. On the first day, I sat on the lab stool, glancing at the student next to me. He wore a checkered red shirt along with
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Unformatted text preview: blue jeans and had a pair of sunglasses, of which the curls of his hair partly hid. After I introduced myself, he told me his name was Charles and asked some questions. One question in particular stuck to my mind. “Do you play any sports,” he wondered. “Yes, tennis,” I rejoindered and reflected back the question. “What sport do you play?” “Oh, really?” he amazed in awe. “I play tennis too.” From that time onward, I no longer fear looking at people and starting conversations with them. Finally, my skills in tennis brought me the friendship I need. Now, my friend eats with me at lunch every week. I sat with him a couple of days ago to study for a test in chemistry. When our study session was over, I pushed my chair inside the desk and glanced at him. My eyes nodded to him a sincere good bye. “Andy, bring your racket to school next Friday, okay?” he gestured with a wink....
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