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RULES of BEHAVIOR January 2006 NOAA provides access to computing resources (hardware, software, data) to its employees and contractor staff. These resources are provided to facilitate completion of assigned responsibilities, with prior authorization. The policies and procedures governing use of NOAA computing resources are detailed in NOAA Management Directives. Individuals who are authorized to use NOAA computing resources must comply with NOAA Management Directives and the specific Rules of Behavior listed below. End User Responsibilities Security Incident Handling and Reporting. Users are required to report known or suspected incidents, including unauthorized use of NOAA computer resources, to their local ITSSO, and to the NOAA Computer Incident Response Team (N-CIRT), by calling (301) 713-9111 and using NOAA Form 47-43. All incidents must be reported with 24 hours of detection. Use NOAA computers only for lawful and authorized purposes. Comply with safeguards, policies, and procedures to prevent unauthorized access to NOAA computer systems. Passwords. User passwords are required to comply with the DOC IT Security Program Policy and Minimum Implementation Standards Policy for Password Management (Appendix G). User passwords must be changed at least every 90 days and at a minimum contain at least 8 characters consisting of numbers, letters and special characters. Passwords cannot be reused for 2 years and can't contain dictionary words (spelled forward and backwards.) Do not write down or share your logon or account password with anyone (including the Help Desk). Users will ensure that they log-off, or use a password-protected screen saver whenever the workstation is left unattended. Individual Accountability. Recognize the accountability assigned to your User ID and password. Each user must have a unique ID to access NOAA systems. Recognize that User IDs are used to identify an individual's actions on NOAA systems and the Internet. Individual user activity is recorded, including sites and files accessed on the Internet (recorded as the files go through the firewall). E-Mail. Chain letters, games, union announcements and threatening, obscene, or harassing messages are not allowed. Management must approve use of broadcast features. Do not open unsolicited or suspicious e-mail messages or their attachments, do not forward chain mail, and do not generate or send offensive or inappropriate e- mail messages, graphical images, or sound files. Limit distribution of e-mail to only those who need to receive it. NOAA IT System Rules of Behavior
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NOAA_IT_System_Rules_of_Behavior_2006_updated - NOAA'S...

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