1J03 Syllabus - Great Books in Asian Religions Religious...

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1 Great Books in Asian Religions Religious Studies, Japanese Studies 1J03 Term 1 – 2010 Instructor: Dr. Mark Rowe o Office: 126 University Hall o Office Hours: Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30, or by appointment o Phone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 23393 o Email: rowemar[at]mcmaster.ca Teaching Assistants: o Information on TAs will be posted to the course web page. Lectures: Mon/Thurs. 4:30 – 5:20 Location: BSB/B 135 Tutorials: Description This course provides a broad introduction to certain foundational texts in several Asian religious traditions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, and Shint ō . We will rely on translations of primary source material with some use of secondary scholarship, film, and multi-media. Subjects will include the creation of the world, the intersection of gods and humankind, suffering, enlightenment, poetry, past lives, war, revenge, love, and death. Students will not only gain broad knowledge of the religions of Asia but will also be encouraged to think critically about the role of religion in human history more generally. No previous knowledge of Asian religions is required for this course. Requirements In-class tests – 20% each: October 4 th and November 15 th The tests will require students to identify and explain the significance of figures, topics, arguments, and quotations from the readings, lectures, and course webpage. Each test will also include one essay question. The 2 nd test is cumulative. Essay – 20% This assignment will consist of one 1500-1800 word essay. Details will be provided in class. Late submissions will be penalized. T01 Fr 09:30 10:20 1 KTH/103 T02 Th 14:30 15:20 1 KTH/103 T03 We 16:30 17:20 1 KTH/103 T04 We 08:30 09:20 1 CNH/207 T05 Fr 15:30 16:20 1 TSH/B107 T06 Fr 13:30 14:20 1 UH/B126G T07 Fr 11:30 12:20 1 TSH/B107 T08 We 11:30 12:20 1 UH/B126G
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2 Online Assignment – 5% Students are required to find and upload to the class webpage two paragraphs, a picture, and, if possible, video relating to the theme of this course. Examples could include a certain text, religious figure, festival, religious site, or holiday. There can be no
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1J03 Syllabus - Great Books in Asian Religions Religious...

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