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ISyE 7406 Instructor: Kwok-Leung Tsui Homework # 3 (due 3/11/09) 1. Write a R function that finds the best model of kNN method based on a v- fold cross validation of any given value of v. 2. Apply the kNN method to the entire data set of the Home Equity Loan data. Find the best value of k using the cross validation error. 3. Split randomly the Home Equity Loan data into 3 parts (50% training, 25% validating, and 25% testing).
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Unformatted text preview: Repeat this 10 times and compare the training, validating, and testing error of (i) the logistic regression model, and (ii) the tree model. Compare the results. 4. Apply the Guide program to the Home Equity example. (i) Use only categorical variables as splitting variables. (ii) Use all variables as splitting variables. Try different choices of local models. Compare the results....
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