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CIS 3300 – Study Guide #2 – Spring 2010 There will be short answer questions on the second quiz (April 8, 2010) derived from this list. In general, I will be looking for ‘five points worth’ of information in your short answers. There will also be some fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions. The fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions will mainly be derived from material that I covered in class, most specifically, from class slides. Finally, there will also be modeling questions. I will likely give you UML diagrams and ask you to ‘narratively’ interpret them. I may also ask you to draw some models or to answer some questions about models that I present to you. 1. What are sequence diagrams ? Tell me a little about sequence diagrams. What do they show? What are the important diagramming elements of sequence diagrams? 2. What are communication (also called collaboration ) diagrams? How are they different from sequence diagrams? 3.
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