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Water+Resource+Plan+-+Assignment[1] - Water Resource Plan...

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Water Resource Plan – Assignment SCI 275 Water Pollution Renee’ Alexander June 20, 2010 Dr. Janice M. Novello SCI 275 1
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Water Resource Plan – Assignment SCI 275 Water Pollution Water pollution is caused by human activity that contaminates the Earth’s water resources. We can combat the problems of water pollution by creating a Water Resource Plan that will provide community guidelines to implement water conservation methods and eliminate water pollution. According to Berg and Hager (2007), water pollutants are divided into eight categories: sewage, disease-causing agents, sediment pollution, inorganic plant and algal nutrients, organic compounds, inorganic chemicals, radioactive substances, and thermal pollution. Water pollutants can seriously threaten human and environmental health. Primarily, sewage water pollution generates two serious environmental problems, enrichment and oxygen demand (Berg and Hager, 2007). Sewage water can cause serious health problems to the human population because the water is contaminated with bacteria and various disease- causing agents. Disease-causing agents can cause illnesses such as cholera and dysentery. Also, sediment pollution is an “erosion of agricultural lands, forest soils exposed by logging, degraded stream banks, overgrazed rangelands, strip mines, construction” (Berg and Hager, 2007). Sediment pollution contains toxic chemicals that have disease-causing viruses and bacteria. Inorganic plant and algal nutrients are environmental pollutants that release wastes from humans, animals, agriculture, chemicals runoff, and toxic chemicals in the environment. These activities
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Water+Resource+Plan+-+Assignment[1] - Water Resource Plan...

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