Chem162SG1 - (if one is present a H 2 O b CH 4 c NH 3 d BF...

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Chem 162, Sp 10 Study Guide for Exam 1, We will go over the answers during class. 1. Draw the Lewis Dot Structures, indicate a polar bond with a partial positive and negative symbol and write if there is any net polarity for the molecule: a. XeF 2 b. ClF 3 c. BeBr 2 2. Draw the resonance structures for HCO 2 - 3. What is the hybridization and molecular geometry of the H 2 O molecule. a. sp 3 , bent b. sp 2 , bent c. sp, bent d. sp 3 d, linear e. sp 3 , trigonal pyramidal 4. Which of the following statements is/are true ? a. A bond is twice as strong as a single bond. b. A bond has cylindrical symmetry about the bonding axis. c. A double bond consists of two bonds. d. A bond can result from the sideways overlap of two hybridized orbitals. e. A bond can be composed of an s-orbital and a p-orbital interaction. 5. In which of the following molecules will the central atom have the partial positive of the dipole
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Unformatted text preview: (if one is present)? a. H 2 O b. CH 4 c. NH 3 d. BF 3 e. BH 3 Chem 162, Sp 10 6. If Be is a central atom and has sp hybridization how many bonds does it have? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5 7. When a molecule is paramagnetic, select all true statements; a. The molecule will be attracted to a magnet. b. The molecule will not be attracted to a magnet. c. The molecule will possess singly occupied molecular orbitals. d. The molecule will possess paired molecular orbitals only. e. The molecule will be hybridized. 8. Determine the bonding order for an F 2 molecule and fill in the following molecular orbital diagram, labeling all atomic and molecular orbitals and filling in the electrons. Bond order = ______...
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Chem162SG1 - (if one is present a H 2 O b CH 4 c NH 3 d BF...

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