Diane - waiting, and in a moderately critical situation,...

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To: Joaquin Gonzales, TCEMS Director Date: July 7 th 2010 RE: Incident with Diane Sahd Mr. Gonzales – On 7/6/2010 TCEMS was dispatched to take a transfer from Holy Cross Hospital to The University of New Mexico Hospital. Unit 2726 was staffed by myself, Scott Carpenter, and Lenny Quintana. At approximately 2230, the call was dispatched and approximately 5 minutes later, Mrs. Sahd came to my (Scott Carpenter) door and knocked aggressively on it saying “You have a transfer to UNM!” I advised Mrs. Sahd myself, as well as Unit 2726 had already been on a transfer today. She stated “Lenny is fresh” and “I’m not taking it!” I asked her to clarify her logic and she denied. Knowing the patient was
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Unformatted text preview: waiting, and in a moderately critical situation, 2726 responded to the request of Holy Cross Hospital to take the pending transfer to Albuquerque. Mrs. Sahd was rude and unprofessional throughout the entirety of the encounter. Mrs. Sahd offered little to no explanation for not taking the transfer, merely that she was not going to take it. I have had several encounters with Mrs. Sahd and her unwillingness to perform her duties as a TCEMS employee and wish to put this incident in writing for future reference. Should you have any questions regarding this incident, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number furnished below. Regards, W. Scott Carpenter (619)942-3735...
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