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Q1641 - authorized representative of Velocitor Solutions...

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Hardware Quote Date 5/17/2010 Quote # 1641 Sold To: Santo Domingo Pueblo EMS PO Box 99 Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM 87052 ATTN: Scott Carpenter Ship To: Santo Domingo Pueblo EMS PO Box 99 Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM 87052 ATTN: Scott Carpenter P.O. No. Terms Net 30 Total Subtotal Sales Tax (8.25%) 2923 South Tryon Street, Suite 300 Charlotte, NC 28203 Phone: 704-731-5360 Fax: 704-527-1234 www.velocitorsolutions.com Product Delivery: Thirty (30) days after Velocitor acceptance of order. Quote Terms: FOB: Point of shipment; Price Validity: Thirty (30) days. Signature: Tax Exempt#: Title: Date: Name: Terms & Conditions: This quotation is subject to credit approval and is governed by Velocitor's standard Terms of Sale unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any substantial deviation from the Terms of Sale will result in a different price. Any order resulting from this quotation is subject to acceptance by a duly
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Unformatted text preview: authorized representative of Velocitor Solutions. Item Description Qty Cost Total MTCBA-C-IP-N3-LP Medtronic Verizon Wireless Modem - 800/1900 1 318.00 318.00 VPCSC Standard Coverage - 2 Year Contract 1 0.00 0.00 VPCBC-1 Bronze Maintenance - One Year *** 40.00 0.00 VPCBC-3 Bronze Maintenance - Three Year *** 115.00 0.00 VPCC-1 Comprehensive Maintenance from the Start - One Year *** 120.00 0.00 T6140FL-6-AM-AGDP-S Multitech Modem Antenna Assembly 1 12.00 12.00 500-5285-01 Cable - LIFEPAK-to-MultiTech Wireless Modem 1 102.00 102.00 VS001001 Multitech Modem and Hardware Setup Fee 1 55.00 55.00 ***Additional Maintenance Plans (Please Choose One) Shipping NOT Included (Do NOT Pay Quote) On acceptance, please sign this quote and fax or email it back to Velocitor Solutions with your PO $487.00 $487.00 $0.00...
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