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report - stroke - TCEMS was dispatched to the afore...

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Unformatted text preview: TCEMS was dispatched to the afore mentioned location for a possible CVA. Ar rived on scene and found one female patient (reference afore mentioned demographics) in care of Family Practice MD complaining of right sided weakness ongoing since Friday afternoon. According to MD on scene, the patient was seen at Family Practice for a general check up. The patient began experiencing right sided hemiparesis which included the Right Leg and Right Arm. The patient states the hemiparesis comes and goes and typically a headache is associated with the hemiparesis. The patient states she had a similar episode of hemiparesis at 8am this morning just prior to being evaluated by the Family Practice MD. The patient also states she feels dizzy with her headache and hemiparesis. The patient also advises when the Right sided hemiparesis occurs, the left side of her face becomes numb. The patient denies any pain to TCEMS and is able to ambulate. MD on scene advises the patient is slow to respond to questions asked by MD, which is unusual for the patient. patient is slow to respond to questions asked by MD, which is unusual for the patient....
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