Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest - Cardiac Arrest The patients family states...

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Cardiac Arrest. The patients family states they were talking to the patient from the other room when they believe the patient collapsed and went unresponsive. Family immediately dialed 911 and pre instructions with CPR were given to the family. Prior to the cardiac arrest, the patient had been complaining to the family of “body aches” and hot flashes. The patient was initially noticed to be very diaphoretic. The family further states the patient had been experiencing nausea and vomiting all night. The patient is not a dialysis patient and has no history of hepatic failure. Upon SDEMS arrival SDEMS confirmed the patient was pulseless and immediately assumed CPR. The patient did not have a DNR. While CPR was being performed, SDEMS enlisted the assistance of family members to begin BVM ventilations with guided assistance from SDEMS EMTs. SDEMS 1805 prepared the KING LTD for placement. KING LTD Size 4 placement was not successful. (reference afore for additional and times). Could not ventilate and no breath sounds were present on ventilations. Removed airway and immediately attempted LMA Size 4 with success. (reference afore for additional and times) LMA was confirmed by auscultation x 4 quads and equal chest rise
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Cardiac arrest - Cardiac Arrest The patients family states...

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