Operations plan for Santo Domingo Feast Day

Operations plan for Santo Domingo Feast Day - Santo Domingo...

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Santo Domingo EMS Feast Day Operations Plan ABSTRACT: The Santo Domingo Feast draws several thousands of people and individuals to the pueblo, which stresses the Emergency Medical Service system. This proposal is to provide guidance, planning, and accountability to enable EMS resources to be utilized as effectively as possible to provide the highest level of care to all residents and visitors to the Pueblo of Santo Domingo. PROPOSAL: Due to the sudden and significant increase to the population of Santo Domingo Pueblo, SDEMS should utilize a unified incident command structure to maintain order and better document the location of incidents in real time. EMS teams should be created in an effort to best utilize the personnel available from Santo Domingo Pueblo EMS and the surrounding EMS agencies to prevent over response to some incidents and under response to other incidents. STAFFING LEVELS: Due to the probable increase in requests for EMS, SDEMS has requested the assistance of outside agencies including: Pena Blanca VFD (4 personnel), Cochiti Lake VFD (3 personnel), Cochiti CHRs (1 personnel), and San Felipe CHRs (2 personnel). Most have responded and will be providing additional man power during the day (0800-1800). SDEMS will have 10 EMTs on duty from 0800-1800 and should be teamed appropriately so all teams provide ILS level care. SDEMS will staff a second ambulance from August 4 th 0800 to August 5 th 0800. At night, SDEMS will have 4 EMTs staffing two ambulances at the ILS level. Additional resources will be brought in as necessary throughout the night. TEAMS: Teams of 2-3 will be determined on the day of the feast. A roster of teams will be kept by the Incident Commander. The incident commander will determine the appropriate response to calls as they arise in the area. Teams may switch partners, however should remain capable of providing the same level of care. TEAMS MUST RECEIVE PERMISSION / AUTHORIZATION FROM ICS BEFORE MAKING
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Operations plan for Santo Domingo Feast Day - Santo Domingo...

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