Syllabus543Fall2010 (3)

Syllabus543Fall2010 (3) - Seminar in Business Tax Planning...

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Seminar in Business Tax Planning (MGMT 543) Fall 2010 SYLLABUS Class Meets M in ASM 1064 (5:30-8:00) Instructor: Robert Gary Phone: (Office) 277-8890 Email: Hours: 4:00-5:15 M Office: ASM 2164 and by appointment Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes: 1. To study the basics of the Federal taxation of business entities --including the creation, operation, and liquidation of C corporations, S corporations, and partnerships. This material is focused at comparing and contrasting different entity choices. 2. A brief introduction to the Federal estate and gift tax. 3. Introduction to primary tax source material and tax forms & instructions. 4. Enable you to analyze the effects of any tax and the interactions of various taxes on decision-making. 5. To gain familiarity to preparing corporate and partnership tax returns. 6. Equip you with the tools to comply with the provisions of our federal tax laws. That is, completing a tax return and engaging in tax planning. 7. Demonstrate technical knowledge of: Corporate income tax Tax cost concepts and relevance to decision situations Tax information to support management decisions Identifying tax accounting alternatives and analyzing the impacts of each on financial statements and/or tax liabilities Tax financial accounting principles Working in collaborative environments Course Format: Classes are conducted in a lecture-discussion manner. Due to the rigorous nature of the subject matter and the heavy workload of the class, it is imperative that you attend class regularly in order to comprehend the material, avoid falling behind, and to perform adequately on each exam. The key to success in any course is careful and consistent preparation. Students are expected to come to class prepared and actively participate in classroom discussions. It is expected you will respect others by not using
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Syllabus543Fall2010 (3) - Seminar in Business Tax Planning...

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