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image(3) - 6 Assuming that the temperature of the surroundi...

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Unformatted text preview: 6) Assuming that the temperature of the surroundi this cycle, what is the entro marks) Off“? d) What is the entropy change for the s marks) I?" ”penny! (734,339.) Ff M" on midfi- Name: W a? —. (I.ua«al)(8.3ltf arm) In '( 12:1: : T 3.9? TC 42: f MST?" _ 'L~"U'-1J “ T ; ~ pagan) 773k : - m3 :3; L1 ’3 c) What is the enthalpy change for the system over the entire cycle? (1 mark) ystem for the first step of the cycte? (3 fl} 1‘ mr C’T/K AMA/titw ’L? “w _ c ‘(“ If”) — Prxl'fg‘v 2 Frwrt AV 40f? ngs is 100°C for the first step in py change for the surroundings for this step? (4 0V; Otof 6% A? ...
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