Q1 - 1 1 T p T p = (constant volume, remember to use SI...

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| Name:_______________________________ Student Number:______________________________ Quiz 1 Variables in bold were different for each student. 1. A sample of one mole of helium gas in a rigid-walled container at T1 degrees Celsius was measured to be p1 kPa. Calculate the pressure in kPa of this sample when the temperature is T2 degrees Celsius. Be sure that your final answer has the correct number of significant digits. You must show your work. (3 marks) 2 2
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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 T p T p = (constant volume, remember to use SI units) Solve for p2. 2. Calculate the amount of work done by the gas if the 2L container is suddenly opened to the atmosphere (101325Pa) while maintaining the temperature at T2 Celsius. = = V p pdV w ext (expansion against a constant external pressure) P ext = 101325 Pa V1 = 2L (if you calculated V1 is problem 1 and used it here, it is also ok) V2=nR(T2)/p ext w = - p ext (V2 - V1)...
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