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| Name:_______________________________ Student Number:______________________________ DGD section ________________________________ Quiz 2 1. Calculate the standard molar enthalpy change at T2 K for the production of n mols of hydrogen peroxide: H 2 (g) + O 2 (g) H 2 O 2 (l) Δ f H 0 = -187.78 kJ/mol Be sure that your final answer has the correct number of significant digits. You must show your work. (4 marks) We have to solve Δ f H at T2, knowing Δ f H at 298.15 K. So, we use Kirchoff law. () ( ) [ ] T C H n T H p f f Δ Δ + Δ = Δ 298 2 0 0 () ( )( )( ) [ ] 15 . 298 2 82 . 28 37 . 29 1 . 89 298 2 0 0 + Δ = Δ T H n T H f f 2. A system in state A undergoes a series of reversible processes shown in the p-V graph below that brings it to state E. The system is then returned to its original state through a single reversible process. We
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Unformatted text preview: are told that 30 J of work was done on the system to bring it back to state A from state E and in this process the system lost 60 J of heat. Based on this information and the appearance of the p-V graph below, indicate whether each of the following statements is either TRUE or FALSE. (3 marks) ___ F _____ The internal energy change going from state A to state E ( U AE ) is -30 J. ___T_____ For the process following path ABCDE the system is doing work. ___ F _____ If w ABCDE = -20 J then the absolute value of ( w BC + w CD + w DE ) must be less than 20 J....
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