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Bus495spring08 - BUS 495 BUSINESS POLICY Syllabus Spring...

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BUS 495 – BUSINESS POLICY Syllabus – Spring – 2008 Instructor: Alan W. Jackson Office Hours: Office 200 TJM TTh 10:00 – 11:00, 1:00 – 2:00; 3:15-3:45 Office: 200 T.J. Majors Email will be the most effective method for you to contact me, usually I will contact you within 24 hours; 48 hours on weekends. Email Address: [email protected] Required Textbook: Thompson, A. A., Strickland, A. J., & Gamble, J.E., Crafting and Executing Strategy: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases, 15 th Ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2007) Textbook Website: Crafting and Executing Strategy Information Center Required Reading: Guide to Case Analysis (in pdf format) Required Software: Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Recommended Software: Case Tutor software: available at the textbook website Course Description & Objectives As the capstone course for business administration students, seniors in the program will be required to demonstrate their analytical, communication, and strategy development competencies through oral and written presentation of business case reports. Students will also have the opportunity to prepare and present a company or industry situation analysis. Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 1. Understand and conduct basic strategic planning activities. 2. Prepare company and industry situation analyses based on Internet and library research. 3. Identify issues from a general management point of view. 4. Develop situation appropriate strategies that will lead to sustainable competitive advantage. 1
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5. Consider the impact of strategic decisions on physical, financial, and human resources. These objectives address all of the pedagogical goals of the School of Professional Studies and the Business Administration program. Course Overview BUS 495 Business Policy is intended to be a challenging and exciting capstone course for the undergraduate business school curriculum. It is first and foremost a course about “strategy” and about “managing for success.” The course centers around the theme that a company achieves sustained success if and only if its managers (1) have an astute, timely strategic game plan for running the company, and (2) implement and execute the plan with proficiency. We shall explore in some depth how and why a well- conceived well-executed strategy nearly always enhances a company’s long-term performance. In studying the tasks of managing strategy we shall also tackle another important function: that of trying to integrate much of the knowledge you have gained in the core business curriculum. This is a “big picture” course, a trait that makes it a truly different kind of course from other business school courses. Virtually all of the other required and elective courses you h
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Bus495spring08 - BUS 495 BUSINESS POLICY Syllabus Spring...

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