Brain Exercise 8 - b. acquisition. 7. Fred Flintstone...

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Brain Exercise 8 Pavlov 1. Ivan Pavlov was studying digestion in animals and discovered: b. Classical Conditioning. 2. In classical conditioning, individuals learn in three stages. They include: 1. Before Learning 2. Conditioning 3. Learning 3 What is an unconditioned stimulus? The unconditioned stimulus is the stimulus that induces an involuntary response. 4. Laura Bush learned to startle every time she saw a blue light. In classical conditioning, the blue light is called the: a. Conditioned Stimulus. 5. John Edwards learned to eye blink every time he heard a bell. Before learning, the bell was the: c. Neutral Stimulus. 6. Pavlov’s dogs learned to salivate to the sound of a bell. This is called:
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Unformatted text preview: b. acquisition. 7. Fred Flintstone startled every time he heard a loud noise. A loud noise is called the: b. Unconditioned Stimulus. 8. Gloria Estefan learned to startle only when she saw a yellow light. She did not startle when she saw any other colored light. This is called: b. Stimulus Discrimination. 9. P Diddy learned to knee jerk when he saw a cat. He later startled to anything that looked like a cat. This is called: a. Stimulus Generalization. 10. Which types of behaviors are involved in classical conditioning? a. respondent behaviors 11. What are respondent behaviors? Respondent behaviors are reflexes or autonomic responses that are elicited by stimuli....
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Brain Exercise 8 - b. acquisition. 7. Fred Flintstone...

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