Chapter 11 Outline

Chapter 11 Outline - Chapter 11 Sexual Disorders and Gender...

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Chapter 11: Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Disorder Sexual feelings and behavior are an important part of human development and functioning. Experts recognize two general categories of sexual disorders: sexual dysfunctions and paraphilias. People with sexual dysfunctions may experience problems with different phases of their sexual response cycle, including sexual desire, excitement, or orgasm. Disorders of sexual pain may also interfere markedly with sexual activities. People with paraphilias have repeated and intense sexual urges or fantasies in response to objects or situations that society deem inappropriate. People with paraphilias may also behave inappropriately, although some have argued that unusual sexual behaviors that cause no harm to others and are engaged in by consenting adults should not be labeled as pathological. Gender identity disorder is a third category of psychosexual difficulty that is marked by a discomfort with one’s physical sex, a sense of identification with the opposite gender and, in some cases, a desire to change sexes by way of gender reassignment surgery. There are a wide variety of treatments available for all types of sexual dysfunctions and paraphilias, but it is generally agreed that a variety of approaches may be necessary in most cases as there is rarely a single cause to a sexual disorder. Cognitive-behavioral
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Chapter 11 Outline - Chapter 11 Sexual Disorders and Gender...

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