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1 The Self-Portrait: An Exercise in Appreciating Yourself I. Draw a picture of yourself using crayons or colored pencils or markers. This is not an exercise in art. Your drawing should depict how you see yourself, not how you actually look to others. Your self-portrait should reflect your heritage and biological ancestry. It can be a very simple drawing but give careful thought to the colors you choose. II. Describe yourself . After you are done drawing, write 20 descriptive words about
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Unformatted text preview: yourself in the margins of the paper: 5 to describe your personality and likes or dislikes; 5 to describe your ancestral heritage; 5 about what you hope to be or do in the future; 5 about your prejudices and difficulties in interacting with other people. Explain your work to another person . When your drawing is complete and you have recorded your 20 descriptive words, explain what you did and why to another person. Allow him/her to ask questions about you....
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