3 feminism - Self-Assessment Attitudes toward Feminism...

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Self-Assessment: Attitudes toward Feminism Scale* Following are statements on a variety of issues. At the left of each statement is a place for indicating how much you agree or disagree. Please respond as you personally feel and use the following letter code for your answers: A Strongly Agree B Agree C Disagree D Strongly Disagree ___ 1. It is naturally proper for parents to keep a daughter under closer control than a son. ____2. A man has the right to insist that his wife accept his view as to what can or cannot be afforded. ____3. There should be no distinction made between woman’s work and man’s work. ____4. Women should not be expected to subordinate their careers to home duties to any greater extent than men do. ____5. There are no natural differences between men and women in sensitivity and emotionality. ____6. A wife should make every effort to minimize irritation and inconvenience to her husband. ____7. A woman should gracefully accept chivalrous attentions from men. ____8. A woman generally needs male protection and guidance. ____9. Married women should resist enslavement by domestic obligations. ____10.The unmarried mother is more immoral and irresponsible than the unmarried father. ____11.Married women should not work if their husbands are able to support them. ____12.A husband has the right to expect that his wife will want to bear children. ____13.Women should freely compete with men in every sphere of economic activity. ____14.There should be a single standard in matters relating to sexual behavior for both men and women.
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3 feminism - Self-Assessment Attitudes toward Feminism...

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