4 How Would You Communicate This

4 How Would You Communicate This - 2. You've grown to...

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How Would You Communicate This? Describe how you would communicate verbally and nonverbally in the following situations. 1. You are considered a responsible adult by virtually everyone except one family member who still wants to help you make all your decisions. You want to have a good relationship with this person, but you feel you are always being judged. You need to change this situation.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. You've grown to appreciate a new friend a great deal lately, and you want that person to know how you feel. 3. Your roommate always seems to be too busy to do the dishes when it's his/her turn. It bothers you to see dishes piling up so you usually end up doing them. You are very resentful of this and need the situation to change....
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