4 id prefere to be - watching average television loved...

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I’d prefer to be assessment Complete this assessment with someone close to you. Each of you should complete the form alone by circling the most preferred and checking the least preferred in each group. When you are both done, come together and discuss your answers fully. The answers are not important. How you chose your answers is. This should help give you each some insight into the other. intelligent wealthy physically attractive a movie star a senator a successful businessperson blind deaf mute on an average date reading an average book
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Unformatted text preview: watching average television loved feared respected applying for a job by letter applying face-to-face applying by telephone adventurous scientific creative successful in social life successful in family life successful in business life a traitor to my friend a traitor to my country a traitor to myself angry guilty fearful introverted extroverted ambiverted the loved the lover the good friend a leader a follower a loner more open, more disclosive more flexible, more willing to try new things more supportive, more giving of myself...
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4 id prefere to be - watching average television loved...

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