6 Intimacy Questionnaire

6 Intimacy Questionnaire - was really on the mark. 9. You...

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1 Intimacy Questionnaire Assign a number that best describes how you feel concerning each of the following statements. Base your answers on what has been true for you for the greater part of your life. What comes most quickly to your mind is usually the best answer. 0=definitely not me, 1=mildly disagree, 2=neutral, 3=mildly agree, 4= definitely me 1. You are concerned that if you truly reveal yourself to another person, s/he will leave. 2. You fear that if someone really knew you that s/he wouldn’t like you. 3. You have an uneasy feeling that people will smother you if you get too close. 4. A parent physically or emotionally abandoned you in your childhood. 5. You were teased or shamed for your feelings or needs when you were younger. 6. You feel that one of your parents or significant caretakers was overly involved in your life. 7. You would feel a sense of panic if you had a conflict with your partner and s/he pulled away. 8. You would want to hide if your partner did a background check on you that
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Unformatted text preview: was really on the mark. 9. You find yourself needing more space in relationships once another person tells you that s/he really cares about you. 10. You get angry when the person youve been involved with for six months says that s/hes taking a vacation with friends that doesnt include you. 11. You are comfortable showing your checkbook to your partner. 12. You feel smothered when in the first few weeks of a relationship your partner wants you to call every day. Scoring 1. Fear of Abandonment (add your scores for questions 1, 4, 7, and 10) Total 2. Fear of Exposure (add your scores for questions 2, 5, 8 and 11) Total 3. Fear of Engulfment (add your scores for questions 3, 6, 9, and 12) If you score higher than 10 on any of the three areas, this is a strong indication that this could be creating a block that prevents you from becoming more fully intimate with others....
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6 Intimacy Questionnaire - was really on the mark. 9. You...

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