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Self Assessment: The Relationship Involvement Scale This scale is designed to assess the level of your involvement in a current relationship. Please read each statement carefully, and write the number next to the statement that reflects your level of disagreement to agreement, using the following scale. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Strongly Strongly Disagree Agree _____1. I have told my friends that I love my partner. _____2. My partner and I have discussed our future together. _____3. I have told my partner that I want to marry him/her. _____4. I feel happier when I am with my partner. _____5. Being together is very important to me. _____6. I cannot imagine a future with anyone other than my partner. _____7. I feel that no one else can meet my needs as well as my partner. _____8. When talking about my partner and me, I tend to use the words "us," "we," and "our." _____9. I depend on my partner to help me with many things in life. _____10. I want to stay in this relationship no matter how hard times
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