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11 are we ready to have kids (couples)

11 are we ready to have kids (couples) - child Is our...

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Have I Adequately Discussed the Decision to Have a Child with My Partner? (Couples without children) 1. Does my partner want to have a child? What are our reasons for having a child? 2. Have we discussed our values and goals for our child: religion, schooling, discipline? 3. Would we both contribute our fair share in raising the child? 4. Could we, as a couple, provide a nurturing home environment for the
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Unformatted text preview: child? Is our relationship stable? 5. Would we be able to share each other with a child without jealousy? 6. Do we want to bring a child into today’s overpopulated world with all of its social problems? 7. What if one of us is ready to have a child and the other is not?...
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