11 do I want to have kids (singles people)

11 do I want to have kids (singles people) - my temper? 5....

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1 Do I Want to Have a Child Someday? (Assessment for Singles) 1. Do I like children? 2. Do I have enough love to give a child and can I express affection easily? 3. Do I have the patience to raise a child? Can I tolerate noise and confusion? Can I deal with disrupted schedules? 4. How do I handle anger? Would I be likely to abuse my child if I lost
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Unformatted text preview: my temper? 5. What kind of a relationship did I have with my parents? Would I repeat the same mistakes they made? Or would I over-indulge my child in an attempt not to repeat my parents mistakes? 6. What if my decision to have a child turns out to be wrong for me? 7. What is my motivation for having a child?...
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