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15 Family Violence Opinionnaire

15 Family Violence Opinionnaire - SA A D SD Marriage...

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Family Violence Opinionnaire Indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with each of the following statements. SA=Strongly Agree, A=Agree, ?=Unsure, D=Disagree, SD=Strongly Disagree SA A ? D SD Our society condones and promotes violence. SA A ? D SD Only war zones and urban riot scenes are more dangerous places than families. SA A ? D SD To get ahead in this world a person has to be aggressive. SA A ? D SD Assaulting a spouse is morally wrong. SA A ? D SD Abused children will grow up to abuse their children. SA A ? D SD Spanking only once or twice is not harmful. SA A ? D SD Family life education is important in breaking the cycle of violence. SA A ? D SD Violent families are not loving families.
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Unformatted text preview: SA A ? D SD Marriage entitles husbands unlimited sexual access to their wives. SA A ? D SD Women stay in violent relationships because they are weak. SA A ? D SD Children are the least protected members of our society. SA A ? D SD Spare the rod and you spoil the child. SA A ? D SD Self-esteem is closely linked to abusive behavior. SA A ? D SD Physical fighting between siblings is normal and unavoidable. SA A ? D SD As a domestic violence intervention, support groups are more effective than imprisonment. SA A ? D SD The US has the most violent families of all industrialized nations. SA A ? D SD There is little that can be done to decrease family violence and sexual abuse. Look over your answers, write a paragraph, typed, double spaced, considering how they may influence your relationships....
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15 Family Violence Opinionnaire - SA A D SD Marriage...

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