16 Long term care - Attitude Toward the Provision of...

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Attitude Toward the Provision of Long-Term Care (ATPLTC) The following statements refer to personally providing care on an ongoing basis to a family member who is unable to meet all of his or her own needs in performing various activities of daily living. These activities include such things as preparing meals, bathing, going to the bathroom and dressing. This disability may result from a birth defect, an accident, a stroke, a chronic disease, or growing old. Please respond to each statement by placing the number of the statement that best expresses your attitude on the line provided. 1 = Strongly agre e 2 = Moderately agree 3 = Neither agree nor disagree 4 = Moderately disagree 5 = Strongly disagree 1. _____ It is not fair that adult children should have to give up so much to care for frail elderly parents. 2. _____ Families should not place severely retarded children in institutions. 3. _____ A parent should look after his/her child even if that child is severely disabled. 4. _____ Families that really want to provide care for a disabled relative
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16 Long term care - Attitude Toward the Provision of...

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