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Final Assignment Final Case due December 13th (Thursday) prior to 10pm Central Standard Time Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to write a memo to Mrs. Apex, the owner of World Moto. Inc., who via some odd twists and buyouts is the ultimate owner of the ZoomZoom Motorcycle factory you have been doing some consulting work for. Your former boss Mr. Zoom had a sudden realization that you knew far more than he did about running a business, and took an extended vacation to a resort in Jamaica. All efforts to contact him have failed, except for one cryptic phone call where all that could be made out was, "Winter in Nebraska, Winter in Jamaica,,ha ha ha ha ha ha." You have made the most likely correct assumption that you are now in charge of the plant, and need to make some plans for the future. The document "What's Driving Toyota" was left on your desk the day of Mr. Zooms departure. You have now read this document (er, well, you will read it shortly) to find inspiration for the future of the
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