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Mini-Case Number Three Statistical Quality Tools. This case will be due October 7 th at 10 pm. No late submissions will be accepted. This mini-case will have the least writing of any case that will be done this semester. The downside for many will be that it involves statistical tools. Before anyone panics, remember that statistics are not scary, but can be a wonderful tool to help control your business! Excel will do the hard math for you, and will also make some wonderful, pretty graphs. Before you attempt this case, please study chapter 7 in detail. This case will involve creating a Pareto (commonly called a P chart), calculating a capability index (C p ), and finally creating a X-Bar and R-Chart for a set of data. In addition to the book, there are additional resources that I HIGHLY encourage you to take advantage of. The most important, especially in light of creating this mini-case are the Excel tutorials located in the course documents folder for this chapter. 1,2,and 4 show how to create and manipulate the data for the three items in this mini-case. The book also does a very good job in its examples. Example 7.1 on page 241shows systematically how to perform a Pareto analysis. Examples for the other items also exist in the chapter, but like a good book reviewer, I will not spoil the ending for you. I will say at least in the POM book, nobody dies in the end. Very quickly, Pareto analysis is a method used to graphically divide data so that you can identify what items are most important. It is similar to the histograms you worked with in Statistics. A capability index is used to ensure that a process is meeting customer demands.
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Mini-case3 - Mini-Case Number Three Statistical Quality...

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