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I am taking this class not only as a requirement for my major, but to increase my understanding of human behavior particularly in those who I associate with daily and impact my life. The ”study of sociology” to me is a method in understanding how society and one’s culture has impacted the lives of others and in return see the impact that it has had in my own life. I hope to the extent of society’s impact on human behavior and look at things more objectively, and perhaps even question my own realities to determine what exactly is and is not beneficial in my own life. I am majoring in Psychology, so there are quite a few career paths in the field of
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Unformatted text preview: sociology that relate closely. One of the career options available is health services, working with people in family planning, substance abuse, rehabilitation counseling, or health planning. Another is social services, working in rehabilitation, case management, or group work with children or the elderly. I could also work directly with psychologists, becoming a therapist or counselor. This information was obtained from: section=Careers+and+Jobs&name=Job+Prospects+for+the+BA+Graduate...
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