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In her controversial book, “The Nurture Assumption,” Judy Rich Harris’ analyses reveal that, contrary to existing popular theory or opinion, parents’ have little to no influence on the type of person a child becomes in relation to personality, intelligence, or mental health. Instead, their behavior is a result of socialization through peers. The article “Who Shaped Our Behavior? Parents or Peers?” is written by Dr. Sharma in response to this book and the controversy surrounding it. Dr. Sharma believes that both play a part in influence and in actuality the answer may lie somewhere in between. In this article, Dr. Sharma discusses how peers do have a strong influence on behavior, teaching a child to behave a certain way to be accepted by peers, but the family influences who becomes the child’s peers. Not only is there a shared influence as in this case, but he also states that different aspects of behavior are influenced by different groups. Parents may influence a person’s behavior in the home, as family members, but
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