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The sociological perspective is a way of looking at human behavior in a social context in an effort to gain understanding. Through this perspective, sociologists are able to correlate social location with patterns in behavior, giving insight to an explanation of particular patterns of behavior as well as an understanding as to whom these patterns may be expected from. The connection between biography and history as pointed out by sociologist C. Wright Mills also contributes to our understanding of human behavior by the examination how the beliefs of a period in time dictates what experiences an individual will have in one’s life. Increased globalization has extended the parameters of society, combining many once separate societies into a single society all influencing one
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Unformatted text preview: another and creating cultural leveling. With globalization the culture of one group of people have a direct effect on the lives of another group thousands of miles away. Culture is a society learned and shared ways of doing things that are passed on from one generation to the next. Its material component includes jewelry, art, buildings, weapons, machines, eating utensils, technology, hairstyles, and clothing. Its nonmaterial components include the group’s way of thinking such as their beliefs, values, norms, and other assumptions about the world and their actions such as common patterns of behavior, language, gestures, and other forms of interactions....
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