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SOC 201 Study Guide - On-line Study Guidefor the...

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Unformatted text preview: On-line Study Guidefor the MidtermChapters 1-6Chapter 1The Sociological perspectiveSociety, Social locationC. Wright Mills (connection between history and biography)The Origins of SociologySocial upheaval and the scientific methodComte and Positivism, Spencer and Social Darwinism, Marx and Class ConflictDurkheim and Social Integration, Weber and the Protestant Ethic, Addams and Social Reform, Du Bois and Race RelationsApplied vs. Basic SociologyTheoretical Perspectives in SociologyTheorySymbolic InteractionismFunctional Analysis (functions and dysfunctions, manifest vs. latent)Conflict Theory Levels of analysis (micro and macro)Table 1.1 page 16Doing Sociological ResearchThe research modelhypothesis, variables, operational definition, validity, reliabilityResearch Methodssurvey (population, sample & random sample), field work (participant observation & unobtrusive measures), experiments (experimental group, control group, independent variable, dependent variable)Values and Ethics in sociological research...
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SOC 201 Study Guide - On-line Study Guidefor the...

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