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One of my most deeply held assumptions about social life is the importance of family. In my reality, the love and support of a family is extremely influential in proper positive self development and when in existence can be easily taken-for-granted. I also assume that the traditional family should consist of a mother and a father and at least two children. I learned these assumptions through my experiences. I was brought up in a family with both parent and four other siblings and most of the people in my early childhood had very similar family backgrounds. Not knowing anything else, I easily took-for-granted the love and support that I was given by my family being of a "traditional" sense, until about Junior High when I became associated with others who did not have sibling, both parents, or a loving home. Although my own family atmosphere was far from perfect, I
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Unformatted text preview: realized how beneficial it had been in my life when I watched those without two caring parents, or siblings, struggle with things seemed to come naturally to me such as getting along with others and making good decisions. Going through life seemed even easier to deal with for the people I knew that had an even stronger family. These assumptions serve to influence the way I treat my family members in a positive manner and gives them each a greater value. It strengthens the relationships between my family members, and allows me to be more sympathetic and forgiving to those from “untraditional” family backgrounds. Dysfunctions that are present with this point of view include the idea that having a family makes you better off and without it you can’t be as good of a person, judgment of people with different views and those who don't fit the profile....
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