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SOC 201 Discussion 3 - These inequalities are perpetuated...

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Social networks are the social links, or ties, that extend outward from your-self connecting you to other people. Similarities that create such links, or ties, include culture, religion, gender, age, race, social class, family, and any other characteristic that group individuals together. The similarity of characteristics in the individuals making up the social network can create a feeling of superiority towards those without such characteristic or anyone else not in the group. A feeling of loyalty towards one another is also created by being a member of the group. Such feelings of loyalty and superiority within social networks reflect the social inequality that characterizes our society.
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Unformatted text preview: These inequalities are perpetuated by the decision to keep information and opportunities that are beneficial within the group. For example, when an organization decides to go public, there is an Initial Public Offering. Purchasing into an IPO can be an extremely valuable opportunity. However, top executive and high profile investors are generally the only people made aware of such investment opportunities. If Ted is made aware of the offering and decides it is a great opportunity, he is going to share this opportunity with others who are in his social network. The people in his social network are much like himself in social class and age, thus, perpetuating social inequality....
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