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The number of children living in poverty is alarming. Our book states that, “One out of every five children lives in poverty.” This statistic is disturbing, to say the least. What can we expect of the next generation? Are children expected to overcome poverty on their own? Who are they suppose to learn how to do this from? Their parent(s), the determinant(s) of their status, are struggling to survive themselves less have the ability, time, or knowledge to teach their children how overcome such a difficult situation. Where does this leave them? I agree. I think that beginning the attack on poverty with an emphasis on the well being
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Unformatted text preview: of children is the best policy. I feel that a key element in reducing poverty is in our ability to cease its perpetuation. A growing problem is more difficult to solve than one with set definitions. Emphasis on the nourishment and education of poverty stricken children is a way to change the path of these youth towards functional membership in our society, narrowing the chance of these children to repeat their previous circumstance. People, in general, are also more likely to accept reform or become involved in helping children because children are thought to be helpless and vulnerable....
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