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I am grateful to live in an extremely diverse community. Although I have no statistical data to be sure, I would not be surprised to learn that my community has representation from all the different types of people that live in the United States. I believe that as a positive result of such diversity, my exposure to discrimination has been extremely limited. My husband and I love to travel and try to make it a point to venture away from the tourist areas for a least a couple days. Even in our travels, the locals have always treated us very openly in our attempts to experience a bit of their way of life. This may be due to heeding advise of locals who work at the hotels where we stay as to what areas we may want to avoid, but it seems to me, as long as we are open to their culture, they in turn are open and usually excited about sharing their ways of life with us. My opinions, of course, only reflect that which I have been exposed, and we have thousands (or
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Unformatted text preview: hundreds of thousands, not very sure) of places yet to visit. We have not even step foot on the soil of the entire continents of Africa, Asia, or Australia. The closest to discrimination that I have experience with is the initial apprehension of others towards me. For example, on my first cruise experience, my husband and I were statistically "out of place." It was a longer, more intimate cruise, than typical for our age group. Most passengers were elderly and middle-aged retired couples, some single, and the rest were probably in their thirties or forties. In our first few days, we seem to be "looked at" with uneasy eyes, but by the fourth day everyone seemed to really warm up towards us. By the end of the cruise, we seemed to fit right in, and some of the people to whom we spoke with even admitted that they were worried we might be a couple of spoiled "punk" kids. During this experience, at first, I felt a bit uncomfortable, but not enough to affect my behavior....
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