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SOC 201 Discussion 7

SOC 201 Discussion 7 - My high school definitely funneled...

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My high school definitely funneled students into the basic tracks: general, college prep, and honors. However, students were able to reach an even higher level, called Advanced Placement. I fit into this category until my junior year. In order to continue, or enter, the Advanced Placement program, we were required to do work over the summer that we were tested on at the beginning of the next school year. I began working my sophomore year and got a full time position with my company over the summer break, when work permits were not necessary. I did not put forth much effort on my summer assignments and I wanted to continue working, so I decided to drop the AP English and History course for less demanding college prep courses. My math and science courses were still of equivalence, so I was in half of the same courses as the AP students. As a result, I was very well prepared for entrance to college. I never felt steered against or toward a particular area of study due to my gender. I actually began college leaning towards the
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