MIDTERM - Midterm Paper In chapter 8 I learned about roles...

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Midterm Paper In chapter 8 I learned about roles in behavior. People obey the law or the norms of society, if not they are punished accordingly. We have all learned this from day one. We all have our roles in society. Civilians have to obey all rules in laws within our society. In class we discussed Migram’s obedience study. In this study, the victim was told to shock the other person in the room. Most of the volunteers obeyed. This was because they were told to do so by the experimenter. Once they were told the experimenter was an ordinary person, they disobeyed. When the subject was with another who refused, they often went along and refused with them. I also learned that people in groups conform because of imagined group pressure. People conform to feel like they are part of the group. If they act out, they fear that the group might no accept them. Another thing I learned in chapter 8 is about altruism. In one of my recommendation letters for college, one of my teachers wrote that I was the most altruistic person he had ever known. At the time I didn’t understand what that meant because I was too busy with graduation to even look it up. This chapter gives a good definition. Altruism is the willingness to take self less or dangerous actions on behalf of others. I agree with this because in that class I would always make sure everyone else understood what was going on. If they were too embarrassed to speak up, I would do it for them. I wouldn’t just do this for my friends; I would do it for anyone who looked like they didn’t understand. This actually came up at least once every class. People probably thought I was too stupid for the class but my teacher understood why I always asked questions. I have learned that in real life, the only way to be truly accepted is to be yourself no
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MIDTERM - Midterm Paper In chapter 8 I learned about roles...

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