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Writing Assignment 4 1. Linear speed is a measure of the speed of something as it moves about its path, with units such as m/s or km/h. Rotational speed is how fast something goes as it revolves around another object, commonly expressed as revolutions per minute (RPM). V~rw. V is your tangential speed and w is rotational speed. The further from the axis you are the faster you move, but your RPMs remain the same. 2. The difference is 5 cms since you have smaller tires on the bike. But since you are moving at the same speed, just limited on your distance, your linear speed does not
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Unformatted text preview: change, yet the distance you can go will be limited by the RPM. 3. A. It is hard to walk without bending your knees because of the larger rotational inertia that you give them. If you bend your knes, you reduce that inertia so you can rotate them back and forth faster. B. Short legged people step more quickly than long legged people because their rotational inertia is less than someone with longer legs. C. You can swing a smaller baseball bat faster because it has less rotational inertia then a long bat. 4....
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